What can Wireeo do

Wireeo will become the ideal interface for you!

Wireeo offers the full range of features of KNX systems without requiring an additional dedicated server.


Wireeo offers the full range of dedicated lighting control items: on / off, intensity tuning, tunable white, RGB.

Shading systems

Wireeo will allow you to control and view the state of interior and exterior roller blinds or venetian blinds.

Heating / Cooling

It's never easier to have a easy and simple graphical panel to control the climate of your building.

Parameters Views

You will be able to customize the application so that you can see all the parameters.

Universal orders

Wireeo allows you to control and visualize any component of a new or existing KNX installation without requiring additional equipment.

Ventilation systems

With predefined functions, Wireeo will be able to control ventilation systems very simply!

Wireeo has a set of graphical pre-set communication objects that encompass the full range of functionalities with application in residential and commercial environments. Wireeo structures communication objects in several main groups:

  • lighting
  • shading systems
  • heating / cooling systems
  • ventilation systems
  • general drive and visualization systems
  • scenarios based on KNX technology
  • info and warning.

Predicted graphics panel communication objects are shown below structured on the main tabs.

LIGHTING - Command on/off;
- On/off control with light intensity control;
- Control and visualization of RGB lighting;
- TUNABLE WHITE Lighting control and visualization.
HEATING / COOLING - Basic mode that contains the desired temperature setting and actual temperature display as well as confirmation of the set temperature;
- Outdoor temperature display
- Season status control (winter / summer);
- Control and visualization of thermostat mode;
- Control and visualization of fan speeds when used as well as AUTO / MANUAL function.
VENTILATION SYSTEM - Control of the ventilation system;
- Viewing Dedicated Values (Humidity, CO2 Concentration)
- View dew point value as well as a dew point warning.
GENERAL ACTIONS - Command and view general on / off function with standard icon;
- Command and view on / off function with customizable text;
- Scalable Customizable Potentiometer Command and View;
- View the various values in the KNX system with name and customizable measure unit;
SCENARIOS (hosted by the KNX system) - Command to KNX pre-configured scenarios with customizable values and names;
INFO AND WARNINGS - Customizable damage acquisition and display with applicability in the area of technical alarms;
- Pick up and display strong wind alert;
- Fetching detection and display of smoke detection warning;
- Acquiring and displaying flood detection warning;
- Acquiring and displaying CO2 detection warning;
- Acquisition and display of gas detection warning;
- Retrieving and displaying intrusion detection warning;
- Retrieve and display dew-point detection warning;
- Retrieve and display texts generated by the monitored installation;

Wireeo Pro & Wireeo will be able to process a very large number of communication objects, limited to 1000 per installation. Communication objects contain, depending on their complexity, multiple address groups of various types. Applications can handle up to 200 areas, up to a maximum of 100 objects can be selected in the favorite area and up to 50 different classification criteria can be generated.