What is Wireeo

Wireeo is a suite of applications dedicated to buildings that have KNX intelligent building systems installed.

Wireeo has two versions:

  • Wireeo Pro specially developed for KNX system integrators
  • Wireeo developed for users of KNX systems.

Wireeo Pro is the first application that has its own configurator

You do not need any other software to set up the app, all you need is on board! After configuring a Wireeo Pro installation, it allows you to export the configuration to Wireeo to be used by the customer.

Wireeo can connect natively to KNX installations via any IP interface

It has never been easier, you can use any KNX IP router / interface to connect to your system.

Wireeo and Wireeo Pro are a suite of applications developed in Romania that allows viewing and control of building automation systems. The application is intended for both integrators and users.

Applications are developed to be compatible with systems that use the KNX standard. Wireeo can connect to a KNX bus system using any router / IP interface.

Wireeo Pro wants to change the industry approach and therefore includes the configurator needed to customize the application. Simple and intuitive, you can set up countless projects right from the app and then export the configuration.

The once export configuration can be shipped to other terminals using the Wireeo Pro or Wireeo application, simply importing the project through preinstalled commands. In this way, system integrators gain time and mobility in the application configuration, and after performing functional tests, the configuration can be exported and sent to the user.

Maintenance procedures are greatly simplified, and if you replace the mobile terminal, you will import the configuration received by email. For full details, you have the setup and usage manual available.

Wireeo can be used for both new and existing installations and can work in tandem with any existing application.